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All year round points based League run via this forum, Paid final for the top 40 at Barston. League

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  • So Whats it all about?

    Fishing in a nut shell, having fun catching a few fish, and a little social along the way 

    It doesn't matter what level you are at we are all still learning, this is a site for everyone.

    For the last 10 /15  years a group of guys were bought together via some fishing forums they became good friends and over time realised they all had the same outlook and all wanted similar things from Angling, the previous Forums although very good didn't offer the freedom to express things exactly how we wanted things to go, too many restrictions and in certain cases software that wouldn't allow that expression and passion through.

    Now we have this Website/ Forum and our Facebook Group.


    I guess quite a few are asking what it's all about how does it work etc, Well hopefully this will answer all of your questions.

    Firstly we have 12 Team members who organise matches, this isn't limited if you want to run matches and have them included talk to us, these matches form the league the league is decided on points collected during the period the league runs, points are based on sections, 6 points being the maximum and 1 point being last in the section,  there are some bonus points for winning the match  all the points system and rules can be found HERE,  at the end of the league period we have a final for the top 40 points scorers the 2018 final was at Barston lakes on the 2nd of September, The list on the right is the current fixture list and is growing daily.


    The Basics

    You are only allowed points from 4 matches from the same venue it doesn't matter if you are on a different lake if the venue is the same then its just points from 4 matches to count, that's your best points, you can have a maximum of 12 matches to count from across the country, the minimum match size is 12 pegs. 2 x sections of 6.


    Can you become a Match Organiser (MO)

    Absolutely, we welcome new match organisers with open arms, just get a hold of one of the members of the team and let us know what you're thinking of doing, and we will take it from there, a list can be found HERE.



    Firstly I need to point out that no money is made by this website on matches we organise, it is 100% paid back the only exception is the pegging fees for the final are paid from from the monies collected during the course of the league, the finance side of things couldn't be any easier every match organised has a fee of 1 pound added to the cost this 1 pound go towards the final and is used for pegging fees and prize money, there maybe an optional pool on the day but that will be decided nearer the time,

    No Pounds  no points its as simple as that. finance sheets will be provided and must be submitted at the end of each match so we can post them up for clarity, a running balance sheet showing all final monies collected will be available also.

    This site is FREE there are no fees to pay other than pools pegging and your 1 pounds on the day.


    Anglers and strength of the field

    Some of you are probably thinking I'm not sure about this I could be fishing next to Steve Ringer or Bob Nudd well you would be correct, we are not stopping anyone from fishing it's open to all, don't be too disheartened fishing is one of the only sports in the world where you could be sat next to a world champion and competing with him or her, and there is no better way to learn, add to this all these guys are extremely approachable you can ask them anything and they will in most cases help and advise you, looking at the big picture it's the final your fishing towards and most of the top anglers have such a busy diary with the big events history suggests it probably won't happen often.



    Any paperwork section sheets etc will be provided by the download links.

    If anyone has any questions or suggestions just ask we welcome your thoughts.


    The league Points will be collected from 1st of August each year and finishing on the 31st of July the final will usually be around the 1st of September.


    The Team.








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