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    Colmic Golden Rod Feeder Championship

    Colmic Golden Rod Feeder Championships
    Here is more info and details of the new competition-
    Following the success of the Golden Reel Completion that concluded at Larford Lakes on Saturday August 19th we as organisers have decided to launch feeder championships that will be fished from September 30th to March 3rd 2018.
    We believe that feeder fishing is now a very popular angling style and fits into the competitor's diaries well as events like this one will present an opportunity to fish during the autumn and early winter period when feeder fishing can be at its best.
    Carp will certainly be hooked during these colder months but silvers like roach, bream & skimmers will certainly be the main targets.
    Each 60peg qualifier will send 3 anglers (1 per zone of 20) into the Grand Final which will be fished at Colmic / Bag'em Larford Lakes on Saturday 17th March and Sunday 18th March 2018.
    The final will be decided by the way of points over the two days. In the event of a points tie, it will revert to the best overall weight.
    The 2-day final will pay a guaranteed £12,000 to the winner and subject to support in numbers from the 20 qualifiers, £7,000 to second, £4,000 to third and £2,000 to fourth overall.
    In addition to the overall prize fund each section of 10 will also pay £150 per section daily over the 2 day final.
    So in total, £26,800 is scheduled for payout.
    Tickets will become live online on 15th September 2017 7pm by visiting-
    Simply go to Golden Rod Feeder Championships to book your ticket.
    If you're in it, you can win it!
    Good luck to all the supporting competitors
    Phil Briscoe – Event Organiser
    Fishing 10am - 3pm
    Date / Venue / Draw time
    Saturday 30 September 2017 Patshull Park 08:30
    Saturday 21 October 2017 Patshull Park 08:30
    Saturday 28 October 2017 Larford Lakes 08:30
    Sunday 05 November 2017 Carr Mill 08:30
    Saturday 11 November 2017 Southfield 08:30
    Saturday 18 November 2017 Southfield 08:30
    Sunday 26 November 2017 Carr Mill 08:30
    Saturday 02 December 2017 Barston Lakes 08:30
    Saturday 09 December 2017 Larford Lakes 08:30
    Sunday 17 December 2017 Carr Mill 08:30
    Saturday 23 December 2017 Larford Lakes 08:30
    Saturday 06 January 2018 Barston Lakes 08:30
    Saturday 13 January 2018 Larford Lakes 08:30
    Saturday 20 January 2018 Ferry Meadows 08:30
    Saturday 27 January 2018 Barston Lakes 08:30
    Saturday 03 February 2018 Larford Lakes 08:30
    Saturday 10 February 2018 Ferry Meadows 08:30
    Saturday 17 February 2018 Barston Lakes 08:30
    Saturday 24 February 2018 Southfield 08:30
    Saturday 03 March 2018 Larford Lakes 08:30
    Grand Final
    Saturday March 17th & Sunday March 18th Larford Lakes
    Draw 8:30 am, fish 10am - 3pm
    Details & Terms -
    Colmic Golden Rod Feeder Championship
    New Competition for feeder fishing only.
    Entry Fee £35 per ticket.
    20 qualifiers staged at numerous venues across the country.
    Tickets go live 15th September 2017 7pm
    First qualifier taking place at Patshull Park Saturday 30th September 2017 60 pegs qualifiers 1 angler per zone of 20 goes through to the final (3 per 60 peg qualifier).
    So, when all 20 matches have been completed, 60 anglers (finalists) will fish a 2 day final at Larford Lakes on 17thMarch and 18th March 2018.
    Pools on each qualifier will be £20.00 per head all in.
    No deductions for peg fee's are taken from this pool.
    Pools payout per qualifier (subject to all tickets being sold):-
    1st overall £250
    2nd overall £200
    3rd overall £175
    4th overall £150
    5th overall £125
    In addition to the above pay-out, there will be 6x10 peg default sections paying £50 per section.
    Grand final Saturday March 17th & Sunday March 18th 2018.
    • There will be 60 finalists fishing a two-day final at Larford Lakes. Each angler will fish one day on the Specimen Lake and one day on the Match / Arena Lakes.
    • 30 anglers fishing the Specimen Lake, 30 anglers fishing the Match / Arena Lakes daily.
    • The final will be decided by points with each angler fishing a 10-peg section x 6 sections
    • To win the section scores 1 point, last in section scoring 10 points.
    • In the event of a tie on points, the overall result will revert to weight totals to decide who is the Golden Rod Feeder Champion.
    The Grand Final will pay the following: -
    1st overall: - £12,000 Guaranteed
    2nd overall: - £7,000 subject to all qualifiers selling out
    3rd overall: - £4,000 subject to all qualifiers selling out
    4th overall: - £2,000 subject to all qualifiers selling out
    Every 10 pegs will pay £150 per section Day 1 – total £900
    Every 10 pegs will pay £150 per section Day 2 – total £900
    Rules for the Colmic Golden Rod Feeder Championships: -
    • Each angler purchasing a qualifier ticket must book their tickets online by visiting: - www.goldenreelangling.co.uk
    • The site will steer you to the golden Rod Feeder Championships page where tickets can be purchased at £35 per qualifier.
    • Only 5 tickets per transaction can be purchase for a single date, multiple dates can be purchased hence 5 tickets x 20 qualifiers = 100 tickets maximum per transaction or multiples of 5 for each date.
    • Every endeavor has been made to ensure the site is always available. Should there be times when it is unavailable or unresponsive please try again later.
    • Having completed your details and purchased your ticket please note your order number.
    • You will receive your receipt by email and your ticket in a separate email. It is imperative your email address is correct.
    • Please print off or keep the transaction on your mobile phone as proof of purchase. (do not keep it in the spam / junk box or trash / bin as you will lose the email)
    • On the day of the given qualifier, if you've forgotten your ticket or telephone, you will be asked for identification
    • The organiser on the day will have the official print out of all the competitors fishing the given qualifier.
    • Should you be unable to fish the qualifier for whatever reason, your ticket can be sold on to another competitor.
    • In the event of transferring a ticket, a simple name change can be made on the day. Simply see the organiser, inform them who's ticket you've obtained along with their original ticket if possible.
    • Subject to availability, tickets can be purchased on the day of the qualifier and competitors have until 8-30am to inform the organiser that they will not be coming. After that time, any excess places will be offered to any reserves that arrive on the day. £35 entry fee will be required for any spare tickets on the day and must be paid by cash only.
    • Each match organiser will be reserved 1 free ticket (£35) to use on the day for his/herself or can allocate to whom they wish. If this ticket is not to be used then please advise ASAP
    • Competiton / Fishery rules are to be strictly adhered to. Any complaints to be raised and addressed before any pools monies or results overall are concluded.


    The Rules
    • Feeder only
    • One rod to be used at any time.
    • Rod & Reel only.
    • Feeders can be fixed or running but fixed must conform with fishery rules.
    • No minimum hook length restrictions.
    • Feed can only be introduced via swim feeder
    • All forms of swim feeders permitted, including – Method, banjo, cage, Blockend etc.
    • Bombs are not allowed other than for plumbing the depth.
    • Bait limits and hook sizes are subject to fishery rules.
    • No PVA
    • No Bloodworm & Joker
    • No Floating Baits
    • One hook only
    • No use of catapults
    • Draw times for all qualifiers 8:30 am
    • Fishing times :- 10am - 3pm

    Edited by Paul-Law

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