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Well tday i was out on the bank at sam hostick lakes for a charity match in aid of child cancer . Have to haveing to get dad up as he slept in we was running late so had to get them to draw my peg for me so when we got there i had been drawn peg 21 moat pond . So looked at the peg and decided it would be a 6 m line with a md floats 4x14 down the track with maggots and a inside margin line with corn as it was way too windy for me to attempt goinv over the far bank with the pole . Anyway all in started on the 6m line and was catching a few small perch . And skimmers but it run dry . But kept trying to make it work but the a really big gust came along and made my pole go west and snap my no 5 section . That was that so i had to reajust things and start a new line off at 2 +2 but i just couldnt hit the bites . Asked dad for a little help so dad said he will change my feeder rod from a method and put a bomb on and i could try far bank witha banded pellett so said yep ok . Anyway banded a 8mm and cast over to far bank and catapulted a few 4mms over top about ten mins past then it just rocketed round a nice little carp . So kept trying with this but it was really hard going tday . But managed to put 22.lb5oz when the scales came round . Also won a few prices on the raffle but the main winner tday was the charity with over a £ 1000 raised . So well done to everyone tday . And thank you for reading this


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