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My First Match for maybe 10 years

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Lake John, Top Lake 30th April 2008 

Its been a long while, Last match I fished was Frant lakes Near Hastings a summer league around 1996/7

I awake in the morning hesitant, nervous, and can't wait all in one package.

get my bait out the fridge knock up a few kilo of ground bait and load the van.

I get there early looking for a brekkie on site, only the cafe doesn't open weekdays frown.png

Gradually people start to appear, people look at me unsure as to who Iam they look and they remember me but are unsure, I find this amusing, one guy comes over and asks if Iam Paul "of course Iam" a few more arrive including a couple more old friends, I get chatting some people look in disbelief "what the hell you doing back" is the comment I get mostly.

In the hat goes my hand I wonder if I can draw still Out comes peg 7, it doesn't mean a lot to me im practically fishing blind, I go to my peg and set up the rigs I finished my day with on Sunday.

The whistle goes and I look around looking for pointers.

Its quite amazing how Sunday I was quietly confident and the whistle goes and its like what the hell.

All is see for 10 minutes is poles going out with ground bait long poles too, I haven't even set up a rig for the long pole smile.png.

I cup in two balls at 6 meters at 3 o clock and the same at 9 o'clock, a pot of pellet over each and set up a long pole rig frown.png, I plumb up and find the peg is quite shallow I have to chop the rig about I hate doing this but reluctantly do it. I follow up with half a dozen balls cupped in at 14 metre.

I go on the 6m line catch a few at 9 o'clock small cup of pellet and switch to 3 o'clock, both lines dry up so I put a ball of crumb on each and go long.

I couldn't get too many bites long, but when I did it resulted in a 10oz skimmer, I kept flicking from 6 to 14 then back again 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock and so on and so on, I knew it wasn't going well I was chopping and changing too much.

The whistle goes

I always look at beating either side they are your benchmarks after that your looking for a section and so on. the guy to my right I had him well beat the guy on the left its going to be close, he was on the reed peg well known peg lots of fish short. I weighed 18lb 12oz he had 18lb 2oz, the guy to my right 5 or so pounds, Im happy with that,

From memory it was one on peg 14 with 42 lb 
I was about halfway not good not bad I knew that was about right as all day im going from one line to another

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