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    06 July 2018      07 July 2018

    Glebe 2 dayer Friday 6th and Saturday 7th July 40 pegs
    This Match is a 2-day event on Friday and Saturday  the 6th and 7th July 
    Pools being used are to be confirmed we are awaiting the outcome of Pool 9's completion this looks to be all on track.
    There will be a random pairs draw for this event done on Friday morning
    £22.00  is required to secure your place on this event that covers £10 pegging fee and £1  league fee,  Payments are non-refundable so please think carefully before booking on you will be responsible for selling your booking on if you decide you cannot make this at a later date.
    Pools will be approx £20 per day with an optional £5 Superpool run independently of the main pools.
    Payout will be set out in the main thread along with confirmed pegs in use during the next few days.
    Bookings for this currently are open at 

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    07 July 2018 10:00      15:00

    This event repeats every 7 days for 100 occurrences

    Lake John Saturday Opens Bottom Lake   Maximum 20 pegs  fish 10 until 3  Times may vary
    Contact the fishery (Colin) on 07958 938153.
    Latest info and match results :-  http://lakejohnfishery.co.uk/category/saturday-results/

    Event details

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