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All year round points based League run via this forum, Paid final for the top 40 at Barston. League

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  • Southend Farm, FAL League Match, 25th March 2018 Paul Guerier is your MO for this event
  • Rookery Magpie Lake is now booked for the 22nd July 2018 Neilio is your MO for this event
  • The League Final is Now booked for Barston River Bank on the 2nd Septemebr 2018 Top 40 to qualify,

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  1. Last week
  2. A

    Hi people's

    Thanks gents
  3. J

    Hi people's

    Welcome to the site mate
  4. Hi people's

    Hi Andy welcome aboard
  5. Earlier
  6. G


    well at least your keeping your hand in, sort of lol
  7. N


    Cheers George, you’re probably right although I am allowed to do winter league on Saturday!
  8. G


    Congratulations to you Neil, only downside, less fishing lol
  9. N


    Thanks for the kind wishes ....... now the fun begins !!!!
  10. Congratulations

    congrats guys
  11. Congratulations

    Huge congrats to Neil and Katy on the safe arrival of another section winner. Connor Matthew is here weighing a healthy 10 lb 5 oz. All the best Smiths Lots of love Andy and Sarah xxx
  12. New Shop Up & Running

    Still working out how to use Wordpress, Woocommerce and all that stuff! Simplified the layout quite a bit first version was too complex to navigate.
  13. New Shop Up & Running

    Looking good nick all the text is stand out now and ssl too you have been a busy bee
  14. New Shop Up & Running

    I am guessing this is a announcement! I have got the new shop running, take a look and let me know if there are any problems while browsing it. Maybe even buy some stuff https://float-store.co.uk/
  15. N

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Mark, welcome to the forum.
  16. Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone thought i would introduce myself, my Name is Mark i live in Faversham in Kent I am looking to get back into carp fishing haven’t done any for about 3 years.
  17. Milo Festival

    Milo Festival
  18. until
    Dynamite Baits Festival
  19. until
    Coca Cola & Drennan International Junior Festival
  20. until
    Coca-Cola & Preston Innovations Intermediate Festival
  21. Bait Tech Festival

    Bait Tech Festival
  22. until
    Garbolino Spring Classic Festival
  23. until
    Walls Solero Ladies Festival
  24. until
    Olde English Cider Virgin Festival
  25. until
    Preston Innovations Parkdean Pairs Festival
  26. Maver Festival

    Maver Festival
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