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All year round points based League run via this forum, Paid final for the top 40 at Barston. League

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  • Southend Farm, FAL League Match, 25th March 2018 Paul Guerier is your MO for this event
  • Rookery Magpie Lake is now booked for the 22nd July 2018 Neilio is your MO for this event
  • The League Final is Now booked for Barston River Bank on the 2nd Septemebr 2018 Top 40 to qualify,

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  2. Shop refit

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  4. Found my way here at last

    Welcome aboard Oggy
  5. I've finally found my way here and will know a lot of folk from MFS.
  6. Winners Week 2019

    A week of fishing for all 2017 resident match winners. Your chance to win a seven-night holiday with Parkdean at White Acres.
  7. until
    A four-day event for the over 55s, combining both modern and traditional styles.
  8. until
    Our final Festival for 2019. Don't miss out!
  9. One of the biggest events in the UK with our top 24 anglers competing for the chance to win a £25,000 grand prize.
  10. until
    Festival fishing open to youngsters of all abilities up to 15 years of age, with generous winners’ prizes and goodie bags up for grabs.
  11. until
    With the warmer weather around this event, you can expect to see some much bigger weights from the 180 anglers.
  12. Guru Festival 2019

    180 anglers fishing over five days with a chance to win some fantastic prizes.
  13. until
    For intermediate anglers aged 16-21, looking to go on to fish senior festivals. With fantastic winners’ prizes and goodie bags for all who enter.
  14. until
    Join 180 anglers for our traditional five-day festival. No longer a pellet-free festival!
  15. White Acres 2019 Opening
  16. until
    Over 55s can join us for this four-day fishing event.
  17. until
    A friendly, less competitive four-day event, perfect for honing your skills before going on to fish our bigger festivals.
  18. until
    Join 100 anglers for a four-day competition open to all non-sponsored anglers yet to win a 30 peg open match.
  19. until
    180 anglers qualifying via a previous White Acres Festival or resident match are invited to our biggest festival of the year. The top 24 go on to fish the Parkdean Resorts Masters.
  20. until
    Once again White Acres supported National Fishing Month this July and August.
  21. until
    A 180 peg match held over five-days and your last chance to qualify for the Preston Innovations Festival!
  22. until
    Over 55’s can join us for this four-day fishing event.
  23. Guys this is a free event for all, fishing demonstrations rig making cafe open all day, if you are at a loose end this is definitely worth a visit.
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  25. Sues Charity Match The Glebe

    Sues Charity Match The Glebe
  26. Ivan Marks Memorial Day 1 The Glebe
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