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  1. Yesterday
  2. New Boy

    Wirral mate northwest
  3. Last week
  4. J

    New Boy

    Welcome on board mate - where are you based?
  5. New Boy

    Hi all New around here. Looking to get involved in future events etc
  6. Earlier
  7. UK Angling Champs Round 4

    Hi all, last round from Barston Lakes on tonight. BT Sports 2 at 9pm. Hope you enjoy, Kind regards,
  8. New member

    Hi Donk welcome aboard
  9. D

    New member

    Hi everyone new member pleasure angler also looking to get into match fishing
  10. D

    Boddington Rese Match

    Hi All. Am organising 2 separate matches at Boddington Reservoir on the 23rd September and the 14th October For those who don’t know the venue well it’s got a massive head of carp and not a lot else apart from great big roach and the odd pike Some good weights can be caught (don’t leave the tip rod unattended!) I’ve got 30 pegs booked for both dates //area on reservoir tbc (There is an option to add pegs if lots of anglers want to fish Total costs broken down are as follows £31 per head = £7:20 peg fees per person Which cover pegs at £7. Plus an overall £6 charged by venue Totalling £216 for venue booking and a quid per angler for FAL So providing we get 30 anglers it will break down as follows 5 sections of 6 anglers paying £50 per section Sections will be defaulted to next best angler in section if you frame 1st £160 2nd £120 3rd £90 4th £64 An additional £5 super pool could be added on the day if everyone is interested Ive booked the cross tree inn byfield for breakfast from 7:30 check in to match by no later than 8:30. Draw at 9 fish 11 till 4 Please try to have your breakfast in the pub with us as they have been nice to open up early to use their pub for the draw The food is good and not expensive All pools will be paid out in pub after match Pub address is Cross tree inn 2 Banbury rd Byfield Daventry NN11 6XL If you would like to fish please post on the group and pay £8:20 deposit to cover peg fee and FAL contribution Which you can pay to my PayPal account coss.d@sky.com Please ensure when sending monies that is it sent as friends and family payment Please pm when sending payment so I know who I’ve got Hope to see you all there We’ve got a few names already Dan Coss Ben Coss Malcolm Bond Ian Teague Steve Sams Darren Connack Wayne Robinson Scott K Poynton Mark Malin Tony Wynnick Tony Pearson Chris Thomas Nathan Gooderham Daren Sparow Danny Wynn. October Ritchy Edmunds Paul Law. September Glenn ribbons. September David Pontin. September Ricky Holsworth Gary Brinsden Wayne Bond Brenda Yeomans Stefan Gent Craig meadows Marc Smith Stuart Barrett George Tamayo
  11. UK Angling Champs Round 3

    ooops its BT Sports 2, just checked as to sky plus it myself.
  12. UK Angling Champs Round 3

    Hi all, Tonights episode is round 3 from Maver Dynamite Hayfield Lakes. Its on BT Sports 3 at 9.30pm. Many thanks
  13. Angling memories

    Hi all just a quick heads up. Tonight sees the episode with me at 6pm. Its on youtube on bag up tv this is free to subscribe to. Would be kind of you to watch and give some feedback on here if you could, Many thanks Andy
  14. UK Angling Champs Round 2

    Hi all, Just to let you know Round 2 is on tomorrow night from the Glebe, BT Sports 3 at 9pm. Enjoy .
  15. new member

    Welcome to the site Rob-
  16. J

    new member

    Welcome to the site Rob
  17. R

    new member

  18. new member

    welcome aboard Rob
  19. new member

    welcome rob hope you enjoy the site
  20. R

    new member

    hi all just joined ,match and pleasure angler. based in Rotherham
  21. Hi all

    welcome paul we have a 2 dayer coming up soon not far from you at rookery waters pidley and another in September at wold farm would be great to see you on them
  22. C

    Hi all

    Hi Josh thanks for the welcome. Based in st neots Cambs. paul
  23. J

    Hi all

    Great to have you on board Paul. Where abouts are you?
  24. Hi all

    welcome aboard Paul hope we can see you on a few of our events good friendly matches plenty of banter
  25. Timberlands

    Timberlands Fishery Harlow Essex
  26. Hi all

    Welcome mate
  27. Hi all

    Welcome Paul
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