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  • Glebe 2 Day Event goes live Saturday 16th December
  • Southend Farm, FAL League Match, 25th March 2018 Paul Guerier is your MO for this event
  • Rookery Magpie Lake is now booked for the 22nd July 2018 Neilio is your MO for this event
  • The League Final is Now booked for Barston River Bank on the 2nd Septemebr 2018 Top 40 to qualify,


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    i saw the Rookery waters match on facebook, probably do that one.
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    Not another one !
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    Fished an open at wold view today Practice for the final on the 29th. Drew peg 35 on the island. Thought it was going to be a bagging day but how wrong was I 🙈 Fished bomb n pellet, 13m and 5m pellet and left hand edge. Started short and 2 hrs in with one lost foul hooker I decided to fish the bomb and put the odd fish together. Getting liners from the 13m line I decided to drop on it for 3 quick fish then scratched about for bites until last hour and then had 2 fish down the edge to finish with 49lb on the scales and ended up 3rd overall so happy with that on a hard day 🎣💯😉 Had great company on the next peg Katie aka Katie's fishing tails future superstar right there 🎣💯😉 A massive thanks to my sponsor Jason Hingston @ Advanced Angling Solutions Ltd for the continued support in quality tackle and bait 🎣💯😉
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    its between Lincoln and us kind of Paul, we are going to sort something out for next year.
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    Well done jago likes like somewhere i need to go what area is Wold
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    Welcome to the site Ricky
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    Welcome Aboard Ricky
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    glad to have been of service
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    Hi Ian I reckon we will get them listed tomorrow
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    Hello Paul here thought I would join the site, alot of you have seen me pushing my Daughters gear to her peg.
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    FAL League Match Southend farm Waltham Abbey I have booked the Whole match lake for Sunday 25th march 2018 24 pegs peg fees are £11 (INC £1 League fee ) Paypal payment of £11 to paul.guerrier@yahoo.co.uk please book on either on here or https://www.facebook.com/events/1923142887941279/?acontext={"ref"%3A"4"%2C"feed_story_type"%3A"370"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"} last payment date 28 Feb 2018 Pools £15 + optional £5 super pool
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    hello one and all and well done Paul
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    Float Fish Farm http://www.floatfishfarm.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/floatfishfarmfishery/
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    Open Matches on a Tuesday These will resume in October 2017 on Willow lake Info in shop 01954718269 Veteran's Thursday Club Open Match (Age 60 years and above) Result from 7 September 2017 20 Fished Honeysuckle Lake 1st G Gibson Peg 26 Weight 67lb 8oz using feeder 2nd J Belshaw Peg 18 Weight 67lb 5oz using Pole/corn 3rd M Theakstone Peg 24 Weight 66lb 1oz using Pole/meat/pellet 4th M Sonnet Peg 30 Weight 60lb 15oz using Feeder/pole/pellet Silverfish S Tyler Peg 12 14lb 6oz Section A K West Peg 4 60lb 12oz Section B M Sonnet Peg 30 60lb 15oz Next Matches Thursday 14 September 2017 on Honeysuckle lake Pools £12 that includes £1 silverfish pool Draw 9am Fish 10-3pm For more info please phone 01954 718269
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