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    By way of introduction my name is Billy Harrison also known as Billy Weldec. The Weldec came from my business name when I was self employed as a decorator. I fish with one of the best clubs in Nottinghamshire called James Maude Angling club, we are approaching our 49th year and still have the same secretary Paul Skeldon who has done a fantastic job hence he's still at the helm. I'am Chairman of the club and love to get our great club on the map of angling. I'am married to Carole a great lady who has put up with me for over 46 years bless her. We have both just retired ( more time to go fishing) but keep ourselves very busy. I look forward to contributing we're I can and keeping you all up to date with the JM club. Thank you for accepting me onto this forum.kindest Regards Billy Weldec.

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