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  1. Mark-M


    I have contacted the relevant people re matches on the River Yare and await a reply. Will more than likely be July/August next year on a Sunday and will be looking at 18 to 24 pegs. Will keep you posted.
  2. This is the Cresta Modular Hooklengths System. RRP 15.99. In the video designer, Dutch International Arjan Klopp shows you how the system works. Two sizes for hooklengths from 4inch to 8inch although you can go longer with wraps around the winder. A easy way to store and manage your hooklengths. It must be good someone has already tried to copy it ! Available at good retailers
  3. Cresta Heavy Feeder Rods, Blackthorne Range
  4. Mark-M


    Should be no problem doing that.
  5. Mark-M


    Nice work Paul and all. Looks good. Mark Murdoch now based in Norfolk. Mainly fishing the Rivers Yare , Thurne and Bure in the season now and commies in the winter.

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