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  1. nick_gilbert

    New Shop Up & Running

    Still working out how to use Wordpress, Woocommerce and all that stuff! Simplified the layout quite a bit first version was too complex to navigate.
  2. nick_gilbert

    New Shop Up & Running

    I am guessing this is a announcement! I have got the new shop running, take a look and let me know if there are any problems while browsing it. Maybe even buy some stuff https://float-store.co.uk/
  3. nick_gilbert

    NG Marshside Match, Scroggins Lake, Kent.

    Due to a lot of you asking I have booked this match on my local. This is a hour drive from the Dartford Tunnel on motorway or dual carriageway (about 50 miles) https://www.marshsidefishery.co.uk/ Will limit it to a maximum of 20 pegs and look to get at least 18 fishing to make it 3 sections of 6. This is on a lake with 41 well spaced pegs so you will all have plenty of room. Draw at 9am, fish 10.30am-4.30am This will be to fishery rules the only one I will add is no floating baits. 2 nets are needed silverfish and carp. Peg fee is £7 plus the £1 so £8 PayPal to mail@nick-gilbert.com. Will keep the entry cheap with a £10 pool paying 1st and 2nd in section, will run a super pool for those that want it. Fishing wise it is a mixed fishery with lots of roach and skimmer, with perch, rudd and tench. 40lb+ of these is on the cards if you set out after them. There are also carp but it is not a big weight venue so to win you usually need a mix of both. Generally the 5 hour matches fished 10-3 are won with 40-60lb, I expect it to be a bit more on our match as the fishing times are longer and later in the day! Its a open water venue so you can fish all methods. bait wise most of the regulars use maggot, pellet, meat, and the dreaded paste! NAMES 1. Nick Gilbert
  4. nick_gilbert

    NG Floats, The Float Store

    Am working on a new up to date shop, watch this space! Will go live here soon http://www.fishingfloats.co.uk
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  6. nick_gilbert

    Forgot to post here :-)

    When is Tidalwave joining?

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