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  1. Cresta FAL Final Rookery Waters Magpie Lake top 24 go through Cresta open day at Rookery
  2. Cresta Southend Farm Big Lake 5/1/19 24 pegs £30 pools Draw 8.15 fish 10 until 3
  3. Paul, I have just joined FAL, not very techno on FB, as don't use it to often, if I want to put my name down on a match,  and I guess stupid question , how do I go about it ?? Interested in the Southend Farm xmas match, if I can be put on the reserve list, any pointers would be great



    Chris Lato Latimer


    1. Paul-Law


      I will add you to the reserve list Chris

      All you need to do re the matches is hit the reply button  simple as

    2. Lato


      cheers Paul


  4. Cresta FAL Xmas match Southend Farm Saturday 29th December (Big Lake) Please note this is a silvers only match Carp do not count 24 pegs 4 x 6 peg sections Pools and pegging will be £30 Payout based on 24 fishing Payout will be 2 in each section £50 £30 x 4 (£320) and 1st and 2nd overall (£90 £65) (£155) Fal League £24 Draw will be 8.15 fish 10 until 3
  5. Paul-Law

    Timberlands FAL League

    Timberlands Fal League 16 pegs fish 10 -3pm draw 8am Basic baits and tackle available on site Contact Myself or Tony Wynnick https://www.facebook.com/tony.wynnick
  6. Paul-Law

    South End Farm Silvers series

    South End Farm Silvers series Gary McClair https://www.facebook.com/gary.mcclair
  7. until
    Wynfest Westwood Lakes 3 day Festival
  8. until
    Wynfest Westwood Lakes 3 day Festival
  9. until
    Wynfest Westwood Lakes 3 day Festival Details contact Tony Wynnick ****£11,000 prize money**** april 3-day festival at Westwood Lakes 12th-15th, fish 13th 14th 15th
  10. Paul-Law

    New Cresta Products

    Where these will score heavily is we all have winder trays on our boxes having an extra module on the stack solely for hooks would tidy things up for me
  11. Paul-Law

    Floats Direct

    Floats Direct The Brainchild of Simon Foster I have been making floats for the past 15 years, previously working for the largest float manufacturer in the UK. I now also make a wide range of floats for some of the biggest tackle manufacturers on the market. My floats have been featured on Sky Sports Tight Lines with Matt Hall and Keith Arther and are also being used by hundreds of the countries biggest names on the match fishing scene. I work along side Kieron rich on a regular basis designing new floats to a high specification. Contact Details Mobile Tel : 07428786682 Email Address : safs1@hotmail.co.uk Web:-http://www.floatsdirect.com/#
  12. Paul-Law

    Handmade Ian Lewis

    Handmade by Ian Lewis Modern, British, Traditional. Extreme durability is the foundation of my entire product range where skilled craftsmanship and detail remain uncompromised. Merging the requirements of modern anglers with the naturally hard wearing and biodegradable materials used, I aim to embrace the need for cutting edge design together with traditional hand crafted products. The result. An exclusive collection of superior modern day classics. A joy to own and a joy to use. I am one of only a few full time professional float makers left in England. I make fine, hand crafted fishing floats using the finest natural materials for the discerning angler. I offer a link to the way things were not too long ago, when the pace of life was just that little bit slower and people were more in touch with the tools they used. I offer a large range of floats, some of which you may remember from childhood that are no longer available in tackle stores. Several patterns are of my own design and others have been inspired by several highly talented cutomers from around the world - where we have collaborated to bring their ideas to reality. Contact Details Handmade Fishing Floats by Ian Lewis Ian Lewis 21 Uphill Close Ivybridge Devon PL210NA United Kingdom 07906958670
  13. Paul-Law

    RW Floats

    RW Floats The home of the Muddy My name is Richie Wilson I have been fishing the north west match circuit for over 20 years. Over the last 18 months I have worked along side 3 times match man of the year Andy Bennett and top north west match man Steve Parry designing and producing these floats. Since we started they have accounted for hundreds of match wins and several fishery records. The demand by the north west match circuit and further a field has been so great I have decided to give the rest of the angling world a chance to try them for themselves. Contact Details http://shop.rwfloats.co.uk/contactus.sc web:- http://shop.rwfloats.co.uk/main.sc
  14. Paul-Law

    DT Floats

    DT Floats "Unlike many traditional mass produced pole floats, you can be assured that these floats will withstand the rigours of today's commercial baggin’ sessions. In the unlikely event that your float gets line cuts in the main body, this new “Hi-Tech” foam will not take on water, so your floats will last for years, not just a few sessions. The float stems are super strong, extremely flexible and run right through the bodies and into the tips, leaving no weak spots. The super strong eyes cannot pull out and damage your float, as all eyes sit over the tips rather than being screwed into the body. Remember, the right choice of a quality, well-balanced float can mean the difference between seeing that all important shy bite or missing out completely." Contact Details https://www.dt-floats.co.uk/contact-me Web:- https://www.dt-floats.co.uk/
  15. Paul-Law

    Dino Floats

    Dino Floats Contact Details Mobile: 077-7620-4776 Address:- 14 Simmance Way Amesbury SP4 7TD info@thebestfloats.co.uk Web:- http://www.thebestfloats.co.uk/

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