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  • Southend Farm, FAL League Match, 25th March 2018 Paul Guerier is your MO for this event
  • Rookery Magpie Lake is now booked for the 22nd July 2018 Neilio is your MO for this event
  • The League Final is Now booked for Barston River Bank on the 2nd Septemebr 2018 Top 40 to qualify,


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  1. Hi people's

    Hi Andy welcome aboard
  2. Congratulations

    congrats guys
  3. New Shop Up & Running

    Looking good nick all the text is stand out now and ssl too you have been a busy bee
  4. until
    Coca-Cola & Preston Innovations Intermediate Festival
  5. until
    Coca Cola & Drennan International Junior Festival
  6. until
    Dynamite Baits Festival
  7. Milo Festival

    Milo Festival
  8. Bait Tech Festival

    Bait Tech Festival
  9. until
    Garbolino Spring Classic Festival
  10. until
    Preston Innovations Parkdean Pairs Festival
  11. until
    Olde English Cider Virgin Festival
  12. until
    Walls Solero Ladies Festival
  13. Maver Festival

    Maver Festival
  14. until
    Preston Innovations Festival
  15. Parkdean Masters Final
  16. until
    Parkdean Winners Week
  17. until
    Coors Veterans' Festival
  18. Winter Festival

    Winter Festival
  19. NFM Fish Camp

    Fish Camp, in conjunction with Club Korum & Improve Your Coarse fishing takes place the 26th & 27th July and will be available on Sky Sports Tight Lines, so you’ll be able to see if you’ve been caught by the camera! Club Korum & Preston Innovations have teamed up to send some of the country’s best anglers including Des Shipp, Tommy Pickering, Chris Ponsford, Dai Gribble and many more!
  20. NFM Garbolino Week

    Garbolino week starts 2nd August and you get the chance to rub shoulders with England International Darren Cox and other members of the Garbolino team including Simon Fry, Harry Billing & Jason LeBosquet!
  21. NFM Guru Week

    Guru week starts 16th August with Adam Rooney & Steve Ringer, two of the country’s best match fishing anglers, taking time out to come to White Acres Holiday Park to spend some time Specimen Fishing. These seasoned anglers have travelled the world, fishing many species. So whatever your style, they’ll be sure to have expert advice!
  22. until
    Preston Innovations week starts 14th July with angling prodigies Des Shipp, Andy Findlay & Tommy Pickering joining us to give hints, tips, advice and tuition on all your angling essentials.
  23. until
    NFM Preston Innovations Academy White Acres Fisheries, White Cross, United Kingdom
  24. until
    Join 180 anglers for the start of our festival season in our traditional five day, pellet-free event.
  25. until
    180 anglers take part in this explosive festival fished over five days. Why not join them in the first pellet festival of the year?

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