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  1. Carl_Tamayo

    Redbridge lakes

    Nice place Dave. I've fished it once, went to an open this summer, came 2nd with 30 something lb of mainly skimmers, roach, gibbles (weird small carp like things) and ide. Chopped worm and soil for me, one of my favourite ways of fishing. Was plenty of 20lb + weights.
  2. Carl_Tamayo

    FAL League Match, Slough House

    See thread on Forum Based Matches for further information.
  3. See match thread for details.
  4. Carl_Tamayo

    Just joined

    Welcome mate. There will be some matches down towards your way soon.
  5. Carl_Tamayo

    About time

    They'll let any old rabble in! Glad you're on tone, me and the old man do enjoy your presence on our matches!
  6. Carl_Tamayo

    Just joined

    Welcome mate.... fellow Marukyu man?
  7. Carl_Tamayo

    Just joined

    You can do either. Go to calendars and pick forum calender then toggle through the months. Or you can go to browse, forums, forum matches and they are listed there.
  8. Carl_Tamayo

    Just joined

    Welcome mate. As Paul says, Matches going up daily.
  9. See Forum post for further details.
  10. Carl_Tamayo

    Just joined

    Welcome Deano.
  11. Carl_Tamayo

    New Member

    Bloody hell, of course you did. Think I know too many Steves! Well we're cracking on with new matches on here. Got one up the road at Lawn Farm, love the place, also some a bit further south and a bit further across in the midlands.
  12. Carl_Tamayo

    New Member

    Welcome Steve, where you based?
  13. See post in Forum for booking on!
  14. Carl_Tamayo


  15. Carl_Tamayo

    Afternoon all

    Welcome mate

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