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    Rookery waters 2 dayer

    Cresta FAL two dayer Rookery Waters 27th and 28th July 2019 Raven lake on the Saturday, Magpie Sunday. One event not individual matches. 24 pegs 4 x 6 sections. Pools/CL/peg fee = £26 for each day. Payout based on 24 fishing. 1st and 2nd in section £60 and £30. Plus a highest combined weight for both days of £100 as long as we get 24 each day. £18 CL/peg fee covering both days to be paid upfront as a Paypal 'gift' to fisherkidd@sky.com please add ref 'Rookery' Payment as soon as, but no later than 1st June please. If you cannot make this after 1st July you will need to find a replacement for refund. £34 pools covering both days to be paid before the draw on Saturday. Breakfast/tackleshop at the fishery from 7am. This is 5 weeks before the Cresta FAL final here at Rookery Waters.
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    Hi Everyone

    Hi Mark, welcome to the forum.
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    Rookery waters Jay and Magpie lakes, FAL match, 21st July 2018 Draw 09:00 - Fishing 10:30 - 16:30 24 pegs available (may be adjusted later) Pools on the day £15 with optional £5 superpool Payouts based on 1st and 2nd in sections Breakfast and tackleshop/bait at the venue. Match thread HERE
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    Rookery Waters

    Rookery Farm, Fen Rd, Cambridge PE28 3DF On Site Cafe and Tackle Shop Thursday 7am–5:30pm Friday 7am–5:30pm Saturday 7am–5:30pm Sunday 7am–12pm Monday 7am–5:30pm Tuesday 7am–5:30pm Wednesday 7am–5:30pm Phone: 07824 878492
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    Snooty is back

    Hi Mark matey
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    Hi Tony, welcome to the site.
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    Fantastic Mark, look forward to it.
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    New member

    Hi Eric, welcome
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    Another Newbie

    Hi Stu, welcome. Got some matches booked up at Rookery Waters if your interested.
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    Found it!

    Hi Brian, welcome
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    Just joined

    Hello, welcome matey
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    New member

    Hi Mark, welcome
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    Logged in

    Hi Pat, welcome
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    Found it !!!

    Hi matey, welcome to the forum
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    FAL Glebe League Match 1st Sept 2018  40 pegs

    Hi Jason, Paul will post up the relevant booking info when he has it. Click the 'follow' tab top right to get updates when someone posts here.
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    thanks for the add jason

    Hi Chris, welcome
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    New member

    Hi matey, welcome to the forum
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    Just signed up.

    Hi Peter, welcome
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    New Member

    Hi Phil matey
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    New member

    Hi Steve, welcome.
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    Hello again

    Hi matey
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    At Last

    Welcome Steve
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    Hello All

    Big waves
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    How do

    Hi Dave, welcome. Loved reading about your fishing trips etc, will be great to see them here
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    Hi Stewart, welcome

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