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  1. Hi

    welcome trev hope to see you on some of the matches soon
  2. RickyS

    Welcome ricky im sure in the near future there will be a load of matches in your area this site is growing every day
  3. Lake John day 1 weigh in

    Lake John 2 dayer day 1 weigh in
  4. Just joined

    welcome mate a few on here from your area
  5. Hi

    Welcome Karl got a few matches planned in the cambs area mate jump on em
  6. Just joined

    Welcome jerry Theres a few match's already posted in the SE mate get your name mate
  7. Oakwood Angling

    Probably the best Tackle shop in north london Run by Dave Whitman and Peter Vasey stocks virtually everything a matchman could ever need
  8. Hello

    Hi Ron welcome mate
  9. Lee

    Lee welcome mate
  10. Evening

    Welcome john maybe you can run a few on the Thames mate !!!!
  11. Good afternoon

    Welcome lee
  12. Howdy

    Oi oi Jim come to see what the darkside is all about mate ? welcome
  13. Hello folks

    Welcome mate good to see you on here
  14. Hillbilly

    Welcome neil get into babble and say hello

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