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  1. G


    well at least your keeping your hand in, sort of lol
  2. G


    Congratulations to you Neil, only downside, less fishing lol
  3. G

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year to all. let the weather gods be kind
  4. G


    Looks good to me, sort accomodation somewhere. How many pegs available on each lake, if you could get 18 or so, would be a good week.
  5. G


    Hi Andrew do you have a link to your fishery, you never know, somebody might want to run a festival there if allowed
  6. G

    About time

    Tony send me over your phone number, i lost it.
  7. G

    Lake John 2 Dayer

    Good 2 days, hope it goes next year as well.

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