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    If you are going through a bad patch, low in confidence, don't know where the next big weight is coming from, give this man a call. I was suffering all three, then i done something really stupid and put my name down for the disabled England trails at Packington summers, you don't do that when you are going through a really bad patch. I was so close to packing up fishing for good, that's when i called my close friend Terry. He booked me 5 lessons, and on the 1st lesson i drop the bomb shell about the England trail, i have never seen a look on someone's face like that before, and then he said you're joking right, when you think it was early July and the trail was the 1st week in September, i had to show him the e-mail from Joe Roberts. Basically i won the day between the disabled lads and the veterans, and John Weeden picked me for the team, and Terry is coming with me as my coach and helper. Plus the last 7 matches i have fished i have framed in 6, so, not to bad i thinks. Kev (England International)

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