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  1. Andy-Kinder

    UK Angling Champs Round 4

    Hi all, last round from Barston Lakes on tonight. BT Sports 2 at 9pm. Hope you enjoy, Kind regards,
  2. Andy-Kinder

    UK Angling Champs Round 3

    ooops its BT Sports 2, just checked as to sky plus it myself.
  3. Andy-Kinder

    UK Angling Champs Round 3

    Hi all, Tonights episode is round 3 from Maver Dynamite Hayfield Lakes. Its on BT Sports 3 at 9.30pm. Many thanks
  4. Andy-Kinder

    Angling memories

    Hi all just a quick heads up. Tonight sees the episode with me at 6pm. Its on youtube on bag up tv this is free to subscribe to. Would be kind of you to watch and give some feedback on here if you could, Many thanks Andy
  5. Andy-Kinder

    UK Angling Champs Round 2

    Hi all, Just to let you know Round 2 is on tomorrow night from the Glebe, BT Sports 3 at 9pm. Enjoy .
  6. Andy-Kinder

    Hi all

    Welcome Paul
  7. Hi all just to let you know , Its on tonight BT Sports 1 at 9pm.
  8. Andy-Kinder


    Huge congrats to Neil and Katy on the safe arrival of another section winner. Connor Matthew is here weighing a healthy 10 lb 5 oz. All the best Smiths Lots of love Andy and Sarah xxx
  9. Andy-Kinder

    Just a quick hello

    Hi Arron welcome to the site, where you usually fish ??
  10. Andy-Kinder

    Hey up

    hi damien welcome to the site
  11. Andy-Kinder

    Snooty is back

    lord snooty of the cig shelter you back in the game then Mark ??

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