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Found 1 result

  1. Paul-Law

    Paul Holland Angling

    About Me have been fishing for as long as I can remember! In the early days it was all about canals and rivers, I suppose it helps to have one in your garden! I’m not a millionaire on the Thames, but it did mean I spent most of my time down there. I’m just obsessed with fishing! For the last ten years I would say that I have been fishing at the highest level, being part of the almighty Daiwa Dorking squad and winning a few team medals along the way. For the last four years although I have fished the odd team match I have made the decision to concentrate on the individual type matches like the UK Angling Championship and the White Acres festivals. For me my main goal every year is consistency. I want to make sure that no matter what the venue or the style of fishing I want to be one off the lads to beat and I feel that in these events I have achieved that. Achievements Team 2 x super league final winner 2 x winter league final winner Division 2 national winner Commercial national winner Maver Match This Team winner and twice runners up ACA team winner Tunnel Barn Farm teams of four winner Maver Pairs runners up and two 3rds Individual 2 x White acres festival winner 2 x UK round winner, best finish 3rd overall 3rd overall in the Division 2 national 4 x Parkden finalist Group Days Fishing Coaching I am pleased to offer group coaching for 3 or more people. Having thought long and hard about how to offer coaching at an affordable rate I have come up with a seminar style of coaching that will benefit each and every angler. Being a young lad with a mortgage and bills to pay I understand the cost implications and justifying spending £220 for a single days coaching. This coaching is going to vary in techniques and venues up and down the country, to cover the different approaches to seasonal trends in angling. What I am trying to offer is a service at an affordable price to cover all styles of angling. For example in the summer months I will attend Barston focusing on rod and line methods such as Waggler and Bomb/ Method fishing. Likewise in the winter I will attend venues such as Tunnel, focussing on pole fishing. So if this is a weakness of yours the group day will help you understand these methods so you can become more confident when this technique is relevant. Coaching needs to be done on a regular basis and although one to one coaching is important to iron out the wrinkles, if you would like to get a good understanding of a particular technique that you may have never done before, group coaching is the perfect option. Prices are as follows: £100 each for 3 people (minimum), £80 each for 4, £70 each for 5 or more. There will be dates and venues posted on my facebook page and on the website throughout the year, so please keep a look out for these. My group coaching is also available to book privately at your venue, please get in touch and we can arrange a suitable date and time. Website:- http://www.paulhollandangling.co.uk/

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