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Found 8 results

  1. N

    Rookery waters 2 dayer

    Cresta FAL two dayer Rookery Waters 27th and 28th July 2019 Raven lake on the Saturday, Magpie Sunday. One event not individual matches. 24 pegs 4 x 6 sections. Pools/CL/peg fee = £26 for each day. Payout based on 24 fishing. 1st and 2nd in section £60 and £30. Plus a highest combined weight for both days of £100 as long as we get 24 each day. £18 CL/peg fee covering both days to be paid upfront as a Paypal 'gift' to fisherkidd@sky.com please add ref 'Rookery' Payment as soon as, but no later than 1st June please. If you cannot make this after 1st July you will need to find a replacement for refund. £34 pools covering both days to be paid before the draw on Saturday. Breakfast/tackleshop at the fishery from 7am. This is 5 weeks before the Cresta FAL final here at Rookery Waters.
  2. Guys this is a free event for all, fishing demonstrations rig making cafe open all day, if you are at a loose end this is definitely worth a visit.
  3. Rookery Waters Open Match every Saturday Please note lake changes each week see website for lake being used http://www.rookerywaters.co.uk/fixtures/ To book on call Alex at the shop 07824 878492
  4. Paul-Law

    Rookery Teams of 3 round 3

    The 39 anglers competing in round three of the Mainline Match sponsored Teams of Three winter league arrived with ice on all lakes and an average air temperature of -2, not ideal conditions at all. With 13 anglers on each lake, points rather than big weights would be the order of the day. Jay Lake The freezing conditions made the fishing exceptionally hard on Jay Lake today, with bites being a luxury that many didn’t experience. Top spot on the lake wen to Dennis Page on peg no.9, he dobbed bread to the far margins to put 20lbs 05ozs on the scales. From peg no.27 Jamie MacGuire had one fish in the dying minutes to secure second on the lake with 07lbs 05ozs. Results 1 – Dennis Page – Scratchers – Peg 9 – 20lbs 05ozs 2 – Jamie Mcguire – Moaners – Peg 27 – 07lbs 05ozs 3 -Simon Godfrey – Yerr Whatever – Peg 23 – 06lbs 14ozs Magpie Lake Yet again the bitterly cold condition ruled the sport for most of the anglers on Magpie with dobbed bread producing the top 2 weights. Lake winner was Neil Smith on peg 34, who fished bread all day to amass a total weight of 28lbs 14ozs, just nicking the lake win from Bob Coulson with 27lbs 01ozs from fancied peg 36. Results 1 – Neil Smith – S.A.S – Peg 34 – 28lbs 14ozs 2 – Bob Coulson – Hooked Newmarket – Peg 36 – 27lbs 01ozs 3 – Dan Abbott – JVAC – Peg 19 – 18lbs 06ozs Raven Lake The freezing temperatures made the going exceptionally hard for all but a few with half of the 13 anglers on the lake not weighing in. Top spot on the lake went to Darren Ogden on peg no.24. Darren fished maggot over to the far shelf to put together a very impressive 81lbs 05 ozs to comfortably win the lake. Second on the lake went to Richard Bond who also fished maggot over to the far shelf to put 56lbs 8ozs on the scales. Results 1 – Darren Ogden – Rookery Waters – Peg 24 – 81lbs 05ozs 2 – Richard Bond – Matrix/Dynamite – Peg 22 – 56lbs 08ozs 3 – Kev Shellie – Hooked Newmarket – Peg 26 – 10lbs 02ozs Today’s results & league table after three rounds
  5. Round Two Match Report With a heavy cloud cover and very little wind, the temperature not getting over 6 degrees, the 39 anglers competing in round two of the Mainline Match teams of three were going to have to work hard to get amongst the fish. Jay Lake Guy Dew dobbed bread to the far margins to win the lake with an impressive 120lbs 1oz, he fed nothing at all to secure the lake win from fancied peg 41. Second on the lake was Dave Rawlins on peg 6. Dave fished dobbed bread all day for a total of 87lbs 7ozs. Results 1 – Guy Dew – JVAC – Peg 41 – 120lbs 01oz 2 – Davce Rawlings – Jasons finest – Peg 6 – 87lbs 07ozs 3 – Geoff Arnold – Hooked Newmarket – Peg 2 – 82lbs 06ozs Magpie Lake From peg 36, Rab Egan fished bread and corn in the Lilly’s to put together a match winning weight of 99lbs 4ozs to win the lake with fish to spare. Second spot was taken by Simon Easy on peg 2 who fished fished bread to the far bank to put together 64lbs 10ozs images to follow Results 1 – Rab Egan – Jason’s Finest – Peg 36 – 99lbs 4ozs 2 – Simon Easy ABC – Peg 2 – 64lbs 10ozs 3 – Tim Bates – Rookery Waters – Peg 21 – 41lbs 6ozs Raven Lake Top spot on the lake was taken by Darren Ogden on peg 22. He fished maggot in the deep water in front of the rushes to comfortably win the lake with 57lbs on the nose. Second spot went to David Adams on peg 28, he also fished to the far bank rushes to amass a very tidy 40lbs 05ozs, all caught on bread. Results 1 – Darren Ogden – Rookery Water – Peg 22 – 57lbs 0ozs 2 – David Adams – Tackle & bates – Peg 28 – 40lbs 05ozs 3 – Will Hadley – Pools Fodder (B-Team) Peg 28 – 32lbs 05ozs Top 5 Teams on the day & total points after 2 rounds 1st – Rookery Waters – 10 points – 27 points in total 2nd – Pools Fodder B-Team – 15 points – 25 points in total 3rd – Jason’s Finest – 17 points – 45 points in total 4th – ABC – 18 points – 30 points in total 5th – Hooked Newmarket – 19 points – 48 points in total 6th – JVAC – 20 points – 47 points in total & .. – Tackle & Bates – 20 points – 45 points in total 8th – SAS – 22 points – 32 points in total
  6. Teams of Three Winters League 2017/18 The first round of the Mainline Match sponsored Teams of Three Winter league took place today in bitterly cold conditions. With 13 teams of three competing, Jay, Magpie & Raven lakes we populated with 13 anglers on each, making each lake a section, with a member of each team on each of the lakes. The draw took place at 09.00, with each angler drawing for lake and peg, with the match kicking off at 10.30. Introducing the Teams of three JVAC – Daniel Abbott, Guy Dew & Ian Frith Rookery Waters – Tim Bates, Darren Ogden & Roger Gowler Moaner’s – Tony Mcgregor, Jamie Mcguire & Shaun Coaten Pools Fodder (B-Team) – Will Hadley, Wayne Shepherd & Andy Adams Matrix/Dynamite – Richard Bond, Mark Pollard & Stewart Bracey ABC – Simon Easey, Vinnie Easey & Nigel Fawkes Hooked Newmarket – Geoff Arnold, Bob Coulson & Kev Shellie Scratchers – Tony Lee, Dave Pearce & Dennis Paige Team 180 – John Hall, Paul Staton & Barry Gooderham Yerr Whatever – Josh Pace, Gavin Butler & Simon Godfrey Tackle & Bates – David Adams, David Allen & Jon young S.A.S – Paul Swann, Ricky Ashwell & Neil Smith Jason’s Finest – Rab Egan, Jason Fulcher & Dave Rawlings Round One Match Report Jay Lake Image/Matrix backed Simon Bond to good advantage of far margin cover to comfortably win the lake with a superb 181lbs from peg no.11. He fished bread to the far margin all day to amass a massive 184lbs 07ozs Results 1 – Simon Bond – Matrix/Dynamite – Peg 11 – 184lbs 07ozs 2 – Will Hadley – Pools Fodder (B-Team) – Peg 41 – 142lbs 05ozs 3 – Nigel Fawkes – ABC – Peg 23 – 102lbs 12ozs Magpie Lake Bag’em Matchbaits backed Josh Pace long lined to the island at 16m to secure top spot on a difficult day. Dobbing bread, the local rod put together a very impressive 149lbs – 05ozs for a comfortable lake win from peg no.8. Results 1 – Josh Pace – Yerr Whatever – Peg 8 – 149lbs 5ozs 2 – Jamie McGuire – Moaners – Peg 34 – 58lbs 6ozs 3 – Paul Swan – Team S.A.S – Peg 57lbs 05ozs Raven Lake Top spot on Raven was taken by St Neots based Ricky Ashwell. He fished at 14m to the far margin with maggot and pellet to put together a mixed bag of F1’s and stocky’s for a total of 55lbs 1oz Results 1 – Ricky Ashwell – Team SOS – Peg – 5 2 – Andy Adams – Pools Fodder (B-Team) – Peg 6 – 41lbs 14ozs 3 – Roger Gowler – Rookery Waters – Peg 2 – 36lbs 10ozs
  7. Saturday the 11th of November – Winter Qualifier – Magpie & Raven Lakes – 38 Fished 11th November 2017 After a damp, overcast, miserable start to the day, the 38 anglers in attendance were then happy to see the weather greatly improved by the time the all in was shouted. The match was split over the two lakes, with 20 anglers on Magpie and 18 anglers on Raven, with a continental payout put in place to share the wealth as fairly as possible. Magpie Lake Once again, Dynamite/Matrix backed Mark Pollard produced the top weight on Magpie from peg 34. He fished a long line at 16m with bread as his chosen hookbait to put together an impressive 98lbs 12ozs. Second on the lake was taken by Richard Bond from peg no.24 , he fished pellet on the long pole for a decent 69lbs 4ozs. Raven Lake St Neots based Ricky Ashwell found the better stamp of fish on peg no. 8 to win the lake with 74lbs ozs. Ricky fished down the middle and at 14.5m to the far bank with 4mm expanders over micro pellets. Next door on peg No.9 was Will James Taylor who kept the pressure on Ricky from the next peg to finish with 70lbs on the nose for second on the lake. Results (Continental payout) 1 – Mark Pollard – Dynamite/Matrix – Peg 34 Magpie – 98lbs 12ozs 2 – Ricky Ashwell – Tackle & Bates – Peg 8 Raven – 74lbs 4ozs 3 – Richard Bond – Image/Matrix – Peg 24 Magpie – 69lbs 4ozs 4 – James Taylor – Tackle & Bates – Peg 9 Raven – 70lbs 0ozs As the teams of three starts on Saturday the 18th of November, there is no open next weekend. To book in for the next open on Saturday the 25th of November, please call Alex Bates on 07824 878492
  8. Rookery waters Raven lake, FAL match, 10th December 2017 Draw 09:00 - Fishing 10:00 - 15:00 21 pegs available Pools on the day £15 with optional £5 superpool Payouts based on 1st and 2nd in sections Breakfast and tackleshop/bait at the venue. Match thread HERE

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